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8/30/00 - 3/19/07
2/07 -  Nike has been named Number 1 Boxer for Agility in Jumpers with Weaves for the year 2006.  Also named top Boxer for Novice Jumpers for 2006.
******2/18 - Nike has earned his UACH title*******
Nike's Pedigree
Below is a photo from Nike's very first show.  He is 7 months old and took Reserve Winners.  We are very proud of this young boy and looking forward to having lots of fun with him at the upcoming shows.
Nike the "Movie Star"
FLASH!!! On February 15, 2004, Nike went to his first agility weekend and garnered all 3 qualifying legs in 3 tries.  He now has his first agility title, UAGI as seen below.  We have only just begun. 
Flash!!! On February 19, 2005 Nike earned his UAGII title with a perfect 200 score and 20 seconds under time. 
"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease"
2/18/07    Nike's new title, UACH
********On Nov. 25/26,2005 Nike garnered two AKC agility titles; NA and NAJ.  It was a very exciting weekend for Gold Medal Boxers and a very good year for Nike.*******
********On August 27, 2006 Nike earned his third leg in
Open Jumpers with Weaves for his TITLE.  He only needs one more leg in Open Standards for that title.
********On November 24, 206, Nike earned his third leg in
Open Standards for his TITLE.....
                Now, on we go to Excellent.......