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UKC-CH. UACH Gold Medal's Special Edition-**U-AGI & U-AGII**
Libby's Pedigree
Libby, "Daddy's girl", out of Carter (Ch. Gold Medal's Limited Edition) and Sable (Gold Medal's Crowning Glory),  is our fifth generation and is busy exploring the world and enjoying the life of a boxer puppy .... "Everybody loves Libby."
Libby is at her new home with her VERY LOVING family, Donn and Claudia Weiler.  She is learning agility with her new dad.   She is definitely living the "Life of Libby" in this wonderful home.  Here are some examples..
FLASH!!!!!!! On November 17, 2002 Libby earned her first Agility title with her loving Donn handling.  We are soooooooooo
proud of Libby and Donn. 
FLASH #2!!!!! The weekend of March 8-9,2003, Libby earned her second agility title, earning all 3 legs in one weekend, garnering a first place ribbon with a perfect score of 200 and also HIGH IN TRIAL!!!!!  Way to go Libby................
FLASH!!!!FLASH!!!! On Saturday, October 2, 2004 Libby earned her UACH title, garnering 100 points in a very short time.  She will now be working on her final UKC title, Agility 3.  We are all so very proud of Libby and of course, Donn and Claudia, too.
Welcome to my special play yard.
It's not a muff, just "Mischief" the cat
     You want me to do WHAT??????
It's time to stop and smell the flowers.
Do I get a treat if I do good?????????
          This could be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came to a show to watch my dad get his new agility title.....Now I guess it will be my turn next.
They think I am a doll to dress up.  A doll maybe, but please no more dress up......
Libby earned her UKC Championship in one weekend, August, 2003, garnering Best of Breed in all three competitions and even earning a Group 3 along the way.  So the saga continues, and still, "Everyone is "Loving Libby!!!!"