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GOLD MEDAL BOXERS began in 1985.  We didn't start off to be breeders but quickly realized the importance of a sound pedigree.  When we noticed the closeness and compatibility of Sage and Bracket we said "Why not?" Thus began "Gold Medal Boxers".  The name was derived from the fact that our daughter was a competitive figure skater and was working towards "her gold medal" at the time, which she did achieve.

We are pleased to present the following pages, the results of that simple phrase, "Why not?" - 6 generations of champions, (finishing 13) and getting ready for our 7th generation, whose pedigree speaks for itself, 26 champions and 14 Sires and Dams of Merit.

We are also blessed that in 6generations, there is NO heart disease, our line has continualy lived into the teens.  The longevity that our line consistently displays is in itself becoming a rarity to our breed.

Our dogs are loyal, smart, beautiful and most important loving.  This you will see for yourself as we walk through our pages together.
We are active members of the American Boxer Club and MidWest Boxer Club.
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make it whole."
Roger Caras