January 12, 1991 - March 16, 2002
Tess's Pedigree
Tess came to us because she was an outstanding bitch in her own right and because her pedigree fit so well with ours.  She loved to show and finished with three majors. 

Tess has three champion offspring and is our "Cover Girl" ,  adorning the cover of Dog Fancy Magazine, May 1998, shown below.

Tess has passed on her incredible temperament to all of her offspring, along with her style and grace.  She is just a love and the best sleeping partner.

On March 16, 2002 we lost our wonderful girl to degenerative myalopathy.  There are no words to express our deep loss.  Tessie will be in my heart forever and we will always have our wonderful memories of all the joy and happiness she brought to our lives.